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The Golden Idol of Fertility, prop, 15x15x20 cm.

Careful to step only on the border tiles, Indy made his way across the room to where the idol rested.  He stood enjoying his first good look at it.  To some people, the gold statue might have looked ugly, even frightening.  To Indy, it was a feast of beauty.  Looking at it made him feel as if he had stepped back through time.  He reached out to grasp the statue and then remembered where he was.....
Temple of Doom Voodoo Doll
Voodoo/Kyrta doll with carved wooden head, cloth body, dressed like Indiana Jones with a leather jacket, cream suede trousers, coiled leather whip and a carved wood head and hat.  The Voodoo doll was used by the young Maharaja of Pankot .
  " They had freed the children in the mine, with Indy knocking out gaurds as if they were straw men. They had awakened the maharajah from the sleep of kali the same way Short Round had awakend Indy, after the maharajah had almost put Indy out of action by sticking pins into the statue of him."

This item Sold in the Planet Hollywood ebay auctions for $5,110.00
Sanskrit cloth painting, prop, 0x25x0.5cm.
Vial with antidote, prop, 2x2x9cm.
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Ark Of The Covenant, prop, 71 x 234 x 94 cm.
Sanskrit Manuscript     Givin to Indiana Jones by a small child who escaped from the slave mines, Indy recognized the cloth as belonging to a larger manuscript which tells of the Sankara Stones.
Headpiece of the Staff of Ra
From the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Headpiece of the Staff of Ra will lead those who know its secrets to the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant..
A straight trade-up, the Urn holding the ashes of Lao's ancestor, for a diamond lao holds and Indy covets - turns treacherous as Lao slips poison into Indy's champage.  " The poison works fast, Dr. Jones."  Lao laughed, keeping the bottle in his hand.  Indy manages to grab the ANTODOTE from the crime lord and drink the saving serum, but only after a furious battle in the Obi Wan Club.
Indy, whose heart and soul have been fortified by his quest for the Grail and his reunion with his father, selects the true Grail : a simple clay cup for the son of a humble carpenter.  Indy uses the chalices holy waters to heal the nearly fatal gunshot wound Hnery has suffered from the Nazis.
Holy Grail, prop, 11x11x15 cm.
"Keep lifting the cover," said Indy. "We've come too far to turn back now."  At last the heavy stone cover was off.  For a moment the light in the well was almost blinding.  Uncovered for the first time in centuries, the golden Ark blazed furiously.  It was the most beautiful thing Indy had ever seen.  With their solemn faces and their shining wings spread wide, the golden angles of the Ark seemed to breathe with life.  Indy stared, spellbound.
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Welcome to my Indiana Jones Original Prop Gallery! All photos on this page are the actual props from the different Indiana Jones movies, please enjoy!!!.
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The Grail Tablet
The Grail Tablet is a combination of original Latin Psalms, retranslated scripture, and invented passages.  The prop masters took the english psalm and retranslated it into Latin word by word.
Grail Knight Painting
This painting shows the third trail of the path to the Grail, the leap from the lion's head.  One knight walks across the Grail, floating in air, while three other knights tumble to their deaths.